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HiTech Integrated Solutions of Houston set out over a decade ago as HiTech Fire Detection to become the industry leader in commercial fire alarm installers of Houston Texas. HiTech Was Pleased to Be able to accomodate our customers by putting together departments within our company to fulfill their safety needs. Our next step was to provide Houston Texas with top knotch commercial fire alarm, commercial fire sprinkler, commercial fire suppression, and commercial security  systems. HiTech (Houston Fire Alarm Installers) looks forward to providing everyone with our simple standard optimized systems.

Fire Alarm

Our Houston, Conroe and Surrounding areas Fire Alarm system Installation team Is a 100% certified and 100% quallified team of experienced installers. HiTech's Houston fire alarm employees are instructed to not leave a location until everything is inspected and double checked. This includes fire alarm installations, fire alarm upgrades and fire alarm retro fit. We insist on  cleanliness as the starting point of our fire alarm check list.  We have this checklist to verify we prevent any human error in Fire Alarm system and life safety device installations and upgrades. We provide Houston, Texas with a large selection of Fire Alarm detection and notification devices through out many of the largest facilities in and around the city.
Our fire alarm drawings arrive in our submital package with simple easy to read layout and legend.
Our fire alarm components are always, uniform, neat, easy on the eyes without being a main attraction in your facility. Our distributers bring us the best looking and highest quality devices for every budget. Our fire alarms make houston safe and beautiful.
Call ask about our Outsource Engineering. We will design for you.

Fire Sprinkler

Our Fire Sprinkler Team is the largest division within our company and headed and lead by members of 20 years or greater in experience.
Houston Fire Sprinkler code is a strong and well enforced code, with good reason. We respect this code. We at HiTech are very familiar with all fire sprinkler codes throughout the state and can promise a well designed fire sprinkler installation with exact precise measurements. This makes our fire sprinkler submital package an exact representation of the fire sprinkler installation you will recieve.

Security Systems

Security systems are your first defence against intrusions and loss. With the proper alarm you prevent theft and injury due to tresspassing by malicouse means or curiosity. We design the most logical security systems available for your building, location standards and codes. Our Monitoring stations are an essential eliment in our security systems. That is if they are implemented within the scope of work.

Houston Fire Alarm Installers

Houston Fire Alarm Pull StationSmoke Detector Houston Fire Alarm
A Houston Fire Alarm Company located in  Houston Texas, founded in 1999 as HiTech Fire Detection Inc., HiTech Fire Detection is a Houston fire alarm Installation, fire alarm retro fit  and fire alarm upgrade company. HiTech Fire Detection quickly out grew our original name, by providing more than just fire detection and fire alarm to the commercial industry. HiTech now provides it's services to commercial, government, oil and gas, and offshore industries. As the company spread into these other areas of life safety, "HiTech Integrated Solutions" was born.

Houston Fire Alarm Design

Fire Alarm Design and Installer

Not only does HiTech design, engineer and install the best-in-the-world Life Safety Systems (such as fire alarm systems, fire sprinklers and  security systems), we provide expert Inspection of your fire alarm system, Testing, Maintenance and Monitoring  backed by 24/7 emergency service. Through Superior fire alarm products, quality technicians and a dedicated focus on customer service, we prove that our standards are of the highest grade of integrity,  trust, understanding and deliveryof fire alarm installation and upkeep of fire alarm devices. Our fire alarm design group is well prepaired to design for any city in Texas. Our fire alarm design group has exact requirements of every AHJ in the state of  Texas. No fire alarm job is to big or to small. No fire alarm design is to far away, as long as the fire alarm system is in the state of Texas.

We have a  Houston trained  design team we like to refer to as  our Houston Fire Alarm  design team. This group of designers is ready to get your Houston fire alarm system designed and at the plans inspection  in a rapid manor. From the moment the  fire alarm  system is designed to the moment it leaves our building to head to the AHJ for inspection and fire alarm system permiting, our fire alarm drawings get checked  and double checked from layout to design to  delivery to the city of Houston.

Fire Safety Teams

All of our fire alarm and fire sprinkler and Security system employees work hard every day to bring you the peace of mind that you deserve. Our career is making sure your fire alarm and/or life safety equipment meet code expectations by following the nfpa guidelines to acquire your proper fire alarm permit or fire sprinkler permit.
Installing smoke detectors in your commercial building to your fire alarm control panel is what we do. If you do not currently have a fire alarm system, we can install one for you assuring you that your belongings will be safe.

Take a moment and look at our website, you will find that HiTech Integrated Solutions is the gold standard for your complete life safety needs, from Fire alarm, Fire Sprinkler, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Suppression and Security Systems.

HiTech is a Platinum Distributor of Gamewell-Fci fire alarm products. We get Gamewell-Fci fire alarm products at a platinum price to assure our customers get a great deal and quality components. We also have other fire alarm distributors to purchase other brands of fire alarm devices from. You have a great selection of fire fire alarm device vendors to choose from. With us, you have your choice of fire alarm devices being installed at your location. We are  a Houston fire alarm company that allows you a large selection of fire alarm systems. We are not limited to just one fire alarm. We do however have great deals with Gamewell-Fci fire alarm parts.

Our motto is,
Saving Lives and Protecting Property, itís not just a Promise, itís a Priority!

We live it and breath it.

We look forward to having you as our customer. We hope to be your fire alarm installers.We plan to raise the standards for quality of Houston Fire Alarm installation.

For Houston fire alarm system, fire sprinkler
or security
system inspections please see our system inspection section If you would like to see if your smoke detectors or fire extinguishers are up to code, see system inspections.
We want Houston and surrounding areas to be safer .

Thank you

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